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Patience and Trust

Patience and TrustThese are the words I hear you saying to me today, because I don’t see you at work in the work you have given me to do. I know it’s early in the process. I know I have to be patient. I know I have to trust in you. I know you have great plans. I know you called me to carry out your work for a reason. But I feel like I am all alone in the step I am on right now. Lord, are you working behind the scenes? Are you in this with me?

My dear child, I have never left your side. I am at work in this work I have given you to do. You do need to trust me. I have great plans. Your patience is required also. You know I am with you; I will never leave you. If you feel alone, it’s because you are not seeking me often enough. You may speak to me anytime. I will listen. I will calm your fears. I will guide your steps. I will comfort you and give you my peace. I will strengthen you and uphold you. I will instruct you in my ways. I love you, my precious one. I do not give you work to do and then abandon you. I have been with you all this time.

Lord, help me trust you completely. Give me the patience I need for this process. I am so small and this work is so big. Nothing I do will be effective without your blessing. Lord, please bless the work I am doing, and show me the next steps on the path you would have me travel. I have never traveled this path before; I do not know the way. Lord, give me perseverance. I am in need of daily energy for this task. Help me to remember to seek you for every step, and not trudge ahead on my own. You have a plan and it is good. I want to carry out your will in your way, not mine. Lord, give me patience for those who resist me. Let me always be an example of your truth and goodness.

Sweet daughter of mine, I will give you everything you need to accomplish my work. Hold fast to me and I will hold fast to you. You know me, and you know that you can trust me. I will do what I promised. I am true to my word. I give you the will to persevere. Press forward and do not look back. Keep the momentum and the faith. Very soon, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. I intend to bless you one-hundred fold. You are blessed to be a blessing. Now go and bless those who do not know me. Bless those who have lost their way. Bless those who persecute you. Bless those who stand in your way. Bless those who have become stagnant in their faith. Stir up my people to action and obedience. I have called you for this task. You are the one I have chosen. Now go and move that mountain. My power lies within you.

Thank you, Lord. I love you, and I trust you with my life. I will muster up some patience. I will wait for you, O Lord. My soul waits, and in your word I put my hope.