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Share His Message of Love

Amplify My Voice

By Sindy Nagel


Intensify my heart, O Lord, and AMPLIFY my voice

To IMPACT those around me and reduce the worldly noise.

You’ve knit together in my heart a passionate DESIRE

To share the GOODNESS of your love and set the world on fire.


You’ve put a MESSAGE in my mouth that people need to hear

PREPARE the hearts of those You want to lend a listening ear.

EQUIP ME with compassion as I share my hope in You

OPEN doors and lay the groundwork only You can do.


You’ve GIFTED me to do the work You planned for me to do

As a STEWARD of Your generous love, I offer them to you.

Here I am, Lord, USE ME now to carry out your ways

Let me be Your SALT and LIGHT for all my earthly days.


Child of Love

My precious child, you are very important to me. I do not make mistakes. I created you for a reason; I had a purpose in mind for you before I created the world. You are the conduit of my love. People will know me when they see your loving ways. Love unconditionally as I do. I will empower you to love that way. Remain in me and I will remain in you. Love me and I will love others through you.

Please seek me every day. Make me your first priority. Come near to me. Spend a little time with me. Let me direct your ways. Trust me. I have your best interest in mind. I am only a whisper away. Ask me for help. Share your heart with me, and then listen. I desire to share my heart with you. My Spirit, who lives in your heart, knows my heart and shares it with you. You have access to me any time, day or night, by my Spirit within you. Listen to my voice from within. Hear what I say to you in your thoughts and be at peace. I have so much to tell you. Will you spend a few moments with me today?

Let me love you perfectly, and you will have the capacity and capability you need to love others well. Receive my love in order to give it away. Child of love, you are precious to me.