Archive | January 2013

Believe It or Not

My child, I have not forgotten you. You have not been seeking me, but I have been seeking you. What keeps you from me? Is is work, hobbies, pleasure, or sin? Do you struggle with something that you are afraid to bring before me? I know your pleasures and your pain. I rejoice with you when you rejoice. I bear your burdens when they are too heavy for you to bear yourself.

Come to me. Run to me. My arms are wide open waiting for you. I am here to help you through your present difficulties. You do not have to travel down this road alone. I am with you always. I will comfort you and give you rest. When you cannot go on, I will carry you.

Let my Spirit refresh you and my words renew your soul. You are the child I delight in. You are the one I came to save. You are no longer deserted and desolate. You are a child of the King. Rejoice in your eternal inheritance. I have adopted you as my child and clothed you in my righteousness.

I will protect you and prosper you. I will give you whatever you need. Do not be burdened by your momentary troubles. I will take care of you. I love you more than you will ever understand. Would you take time to meet with me daily? Your burdens will not overwhelm you when you feel me by your side. To feel my presence, you must know me better. You know I am with you, but do you believe it? Know me by spending time with me. Listen to my voice and read my word. As you come to know me better, you will feel my presence and you will believe.

My Spirit I have given you. I live in you. Fear not, I am with you always. Believe it, or not.