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godgirl_7roadblocksI just finished reading 7 Roadblocks to Hearing God Speak and feel it is a terrific follow up to 7 Simple Steps to Hearing God’s Voice.  Sindy’s first book in the Hearing God’s Voice Series helps readers explore two-way communication with God. In this second book, she encourages and assists us in looking deeper within ourselves to see what may be limiting that communication. By sharing her personal struggles, she inspires us to continue the journey and not give up!—Sandy S.

Sindy Nagel speaks the language of a learner. From her heart, to the printed page, she has provided a path for you to walk deeper in your knowing of Jesus. May you discover yourself in these pages and find how dearly loved you are by Him.—Pastor Bill Frisbie, Northwest Gathering Center, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

 7 Roadblocks to Hearing God Speak delivers an honest look at barriers that can exist and prevent us from hearing God. The author does a wonderful job in identifying these barriers and how we can avoid them. With this knowledge, the reader finds encouragement and hope, knowing that God does speak to us and is always with us.—Julie L.

Once again, Sindy Nagel provides a clear and straightforward path to a deeper and more satisfying prayer life.  Her books are essential to all prayer warriors!—Craig Witcher, Founder, Manna Ministries Worldwide and Manna Café

 Sindy captures your interest and attention right away. Her insight leads you to examine your thoughts and actions to enable you to hear God speaking to you.—Sandra V.

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This is absolutely the most wonderful book I have ever read, as Sindy skillfully and articulately describes how she learned the art of listening to God! With insight and wisdom, she instructs and encourages us to enter into that deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.—Ellen Neal, Director of Prayer and Inner Healing Prayer Ministries, Centerpoint Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Sindy’s book is very encouraging! She not only reminds us that we can hear God’s voice, Sindy also shares the listening techniques that can help us develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord. In her personal journal entries, she demonstrates her open heart and her transparency with God.—Carol D.

The many Bible verses that back up Sindy’s words are very good. I particularly enjoyed how she reveals personal and private aspects of her story and describes the “how to” of listening to God.—Sue F.

Sindy Nagel’s book will be a revelation of truth to many people, even many Christians!  God, through His Holy Spirit, really does speak to us and desires a relationship through dialogue. Sindy’s book explains in a straightforward way how to embark on the most magnificent human adventure—conversing with our God and Creator.—Craig Witcher, owner of Manna Café in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and founder of Manna Ministries Worldwide.

To honor and glorify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; I do believe, I am listening, and I will obey. I’m an ordinary girl, listening to the Holy Spirit within me!—Anne K.

So many times when God spoke through Sindy in the book, it was as if He was speaking directly to me! I’ve been blessed.—Kathy H.

Is it possible God would speak to me? I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior over thirty years ago but did nothing to learn His Word in the Bible. Reading Sindy’s book affirmed that it was God’s words I had heard. He loves me and desires that I spend time with Him in two-way conversation.  He eagerly listens and will respond in a multitude of ways. If you like “How To” books, you’ll love this one. Sindy describes how to converse with God and experience a closer relationship with Him. Thank you, Sindy.—Annette W.

As Sindy shares her personal experiences and biblical insights you will learn the discipline and art of turning a listening ear toward the heart of God and you will make a delightful discovery; God is longing to speak intimate, loving, and extraordinary things to YOU! As you learn to respond in two-way conversation with the Holy Spirit, your life will be forever changed.—Bethany C.

Sindy’s book and Bible study have been life changing for me. As a new Christian, it has given me brand new insight as to the relationship I can have with my heavenly Father. I immensely appreciated Sindy’s willingness to be honest and open about her journey as she learned to listen to God.—Kelly L.

I appreciated Sindy’s honesty in sharing her personal journey to learning how much Jesus loves His children. The study was an inspiration to me.—Mary R.

Thank you, Sindy, for sharing your treasures with us. It was the best Bible study I have ever participated in. The timing couldn’t have been any better.—Cindy B.


“Sindy Nagel is an excellent communicator on explaining The Father’s heart and love toward us, His children. Taking the scriptures and breaking them down into The Father’s perspective make them come alive in a new and fresh way. I highly recommend you get this book, and add it to your daily devotional reading. It truly is Manna for Today!”–Beth Jones, Author of Getting A Grip On The Basics Series

Intimacy with Jesus is the quest of every serious Christ-follower…but who’s chasing who? Sindy’s devotional reveals the heart of God, a God who pursues and captures the hearts of His own. Read it, and grow.”–Dr. Jeff Porte, Centerpoint Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“I have read Manna for Today devotional book, and find it highly inspirational for all Christians.”–Harold Ferris, Michigan State University Alumni

“In these pages, we meet with a God who loves us infinitely. Manna for Today gives hope as God speaks through the author. I look forward to reading this each day, and enjoy the Bible verses related to each devotional.”–Julie, a long-time friend

“I felt like God spoke to me personally through these devotionals, exactly when I needed it most.”–A woman of the faith

“I highly recommend Sindy’s devotional, Manna for Today. It directs your focus, first and foremost, to God’s Holy Word at the beginning of each page, and she intricately weaves His Scripture throughout her inspirations. They are light in a world with much darkness. Let her devotionals help light His path for you!”–Paula, a wife, mother, and registered nurse

“Manna for Today is a daily reminder that I am a child of God, loved by God, and protected by God. It is spiritual nourishment at its best! What a way to start your day—with a daily transfusion that restores your soul and instantly lifts you up.”–Sally, a sister in Christ

“I love seeing the Scripture printed first, and then reading the devotional words for the day. The discipline of quieting myself each day with this book has enhanced my ‘alone time’ with the Lord!”–Sue, a mom in Idaho

Sindy is a godly woman, gentle, and kind. Her devotional takes God’s word, and gives you a practical lesson to apply to your everyday life. You will be blessed by reading her inspirational messages.” —Sandra, a wife and mother of three in Michigan